Swope’s Picks episode 31 – Tucker & Bruce vol 2

We flash back to February 2017…Tucker details the story of his friend who went home with a 49 year old fitness model in the apartment complex behind Uncle Bills. He didn’t last very long so she got out the strappy. It was purple and enormous. Bruce doesn’t hesitate to fly into Reagan Airport. Bruce graduated from Mizzou in 2004. How did the F word become a bad word? Bruce and Jacob have adopted newborn twins Beaumont and Prescott. Bruce and Jacob moved from Chelsea to the Upper West Side because it’s better for raising kids. Tucker is frustrated that St Louis is still bragging about inventions from the 1904 Worlds Fair, also has an issue with parking situation at Brentwood Promenade. Bruce says Andy Cohen is the top gay and then gives his Mt Rushmore of Gays. Cher was married to Steve Bono? Doug is not a fan of Steve Bono. Charlie points out Bono was 1995 AFC Player of the Year. Tucker ripped his sack trimming his shrubs. Bruce is not a Gold Star Gay because he got drunk and screwed a girl at a house party off McKnight when he was in HS and had frosted tips. We’re joined by Caller Bruce to talk about the motivation for his calls. Mashup features Doug, Tim, Plowsy, Pat, Iggy, Frank Opinion, Cat, Bruce in Shoes, Mike Francesa, and Larry Nickel.

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