Swope’s Picks episode 30 – Tucker & Friends vol 1

We flash back to April 2014…JR calls in to talk about O-BAM-A’s communist takeover in Chicago, doesn’t like all the parn talk, not sure about Pat Robertson’s stance on MMF situations…RJ has been up all night and sounds like he’s doing coke, went to the strip club after the dental equipment convention…Bruce is an event planner living in Chelsea paying $6800/month in rent, has an event in the Hamptons for Beth Stern…Tucker witnessed lesbianism at Busch Stadium and outside a pizza place Ladue, doesn’t think there’s any F-I-S-T-ing going on, but he believes “samples” is a code word for lesbianism on the down low…Richard breaks down what sitcom families could afford their houses, argues with Plowsy over Home Improvement and Family Matters. We are joined by Tucker to discuss how much of his tales are real and how much prep work went into his calls. Mashup features Doug, Iggy, Tim, Jennings, JtL, Tucker, Cat, Bruce, and Luke.

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