Swope’s Picks – Ep. 29: Who Destroyed the Men’s Room Stall?

We flash back to February 2017…Doug was horrified by what he found in his usual men’s room stall. Whoever did that is walking with a limp and won’t be able to sit down for a long time…Plowsy wonders if there was an exorcism…Doug says the person who did that has a hole in a position where the rest of us just don’t have one…Joe Roderick, Jeff Jones, and Giamatti are prime suspects. We are joined by the Plowboy to discuss what he saw the scene of the crime and size up the suspects. Mashup features Doug, Jeff Piecoro, Ric Flair, Tim, Cat, Willie, Iggy, Jeff Abelin, Plowsy, Buck Swope, Mike Francesa, Jennings, Bruce, Tucker, and Charlie.

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