Swope’s Picks episode 28 – Joe Strauss and #OurTown

We flash back to May 2015…Joe Strauss in studio discussing Doug Armstrong, STL vs Baltimore vs Atlanta, what’s wrong with the airport, Plowsy’s N64 Mario Golf jargon, the dynamics at play leading up to the Rasmus trade, Mo’s role in Matheny becoming the Cardinals manager, and a deep dive on the problems facing the STL region as a whole. Ken Rosenthal calls in the morning after Joe’s passing to share his bond with Joe from their days in Baltimore. We are joined by Tim McKernan to discuss Joe’s legacy as the voice of reasonable dissent. Mashup features Doug, Tim, Plowsy, Joe Kelly, Iggy, Prod Joe, Cat, Stingray, Mo, Mike Lee, Frank, Charlie, Cal May, Gabe, and Trump.

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