Swope’s Picks ep 27 – The Battle on Broadway

Notes: We flash back to May 2016…Timberfake hit on Jimmy Connors nephew…the Sex Revolution is strong in Willmore Park…Toni Timberfake says F You Tony Doe…She is not into hot scat play…Ryan Kelley challenges Timberfake for the strap…Timberfake drunkenly pledges to give all his money from the fight to charity…Larry says Timberfake is a glorified whore…Larry and Iggy kill time while Timberfake stalls…Ryan Kelley knocks down Timberfake twice and wins the fight by unanimous decision…Plowsy and McKernan call into Cucky’s post fight show…Timberfake explains he didn’t really pledge all his money to charity…Ryan Kelley clears the air and reveals Timberfake never gave up the strap. We’re joined by Ryan Kelley and Dave Jackson. Mashup features Doug, Tim, Mo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Brian Hoffman, Claibs, Iggy, Ken Bone, David Cline, Cat, Plowsy, Tucker, Frank O’Pinion, and Larry Nickel

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