Swope’s Picks: Episode 24 – Prod Joe’s More Popular MMF

We flash back to November 2012…Prod Joe asks Rondo what Tennessee QB he’d like for an MMF…Prod Joe thinks Rondo banged a fatty…Prod Joe asks Kayden Kross, Jesse Jane, Brooke Taylor, and others about their MMF experiences…Was it a well timed finish?…Prod Joe explains the concept of 2-leg knockout stages with aggregate scoring and away goal tiebreakers…a Clay Travis article about the top searches of the SEC leads into a deep dive on search analytics, hentai, and Hungary’s embarrassing #7 search. Prod Joe joins to discuss the origins of the MMF question, his pre-2009 TMA archives, as well as the “Nongay/Steadman era”. Mashup features Doug, Stingray, Frank O’Pinion, Tucker, Brian Hoffman, Mary Carey, Malcolm Gladwell, Mike Francesa, Iggy, Cat, Charlie, and Prod

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