Swope’s Picks: Episode 23 – Iggy

A look back at Iggy’s best interviews and audio postcards from the “Straight to the Web” era as he talks with former A list actresses about their onscreen nude scenes, Bruce Jenner about life as a Kardashian and a real life father son dance, tales from Hedo, the time he banged Leona Helmsley in Bermuda, as well as a few interviews when things got awkward…
Iggy joins to explain the origins of his bringing up nude scenes with actresses, how he got all these celebrities phone numbers, more backstory on how Leona faded him later on in NYC, a long past her prime actress with whom Iggy engaged in phonesex, as well as a hot take on Mia Khalifa. Mashup features Doug, Frank O’Pinion, Plowsy, Alpena, Ryan Kelley, Tim, Cat, Larry Nickel, Tucker, Sergio Dipp, Prod Joe, and Mike Francesa.

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